70′s Sunday

I’m finally starting to get around the city easier. Today I roamed around the wholesale jewelry markets and learned some interesting things. 

1. You can barter at some costume jewlery stores 

2. If you want you can buy in bulk and use a discount

3. The cheapest place in the city don’t take card, they only take cash! 

My favorite thing today (because I can name a ton) about NYC is how diverse the shopping is. If you can think it, it’s available for purchase somewhere here. 

Ferragamo shoes for today. Matchy-matchy can be fun.

These earrings I scored at Marshall’s for $14! They can be worn two ways, the underside of the earring can be removed and you can wear just the studs. Two pair in one!

Outfit Details:

Shirt: Helmut Lang 

Pants: Vintage 70′s 

Shoes: Vintage Ferragamo 

Scarf: Vintage 60′s

Earrings: Bella & Jack (found at Marshall’s for $14!!

Purse: Chanel Grand Shopping Tote

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