Happy Halloween! Morticia Addams Costume


Halloween has always been one of my favourite holidays as far back as I can remember. Every single year without fail I have dressed up. Although my trick or treating days are gone (someone let me borrow your adorable kids) I still enjoy going out in a costume, eating too much candy, and pumpkin anything. This year for Halloween I decided to go as Morticia Addams…


I have a horrible tendency every single year to wait until the last minute to buy or organize my costume. Which is ironic because I know what I want to dress as for months. Luckily for me, I discovered that a few days before Halloween, Ricky’s slashes the pricing for Halloween costumes and accessories 50% off! Bren and I both bought our costumes (and my JWOW wig-yes really) for $45. Unfortunately in our haste, Bren accidentally bought the children’s costume! Bren went as my Gomez <3. We styled an old Zara suit, parted his hair in the center with gel and I drew on a french mustache. It took me four tries and two makeup remover wipes to get the mustache right! As long as you don’t have a very specific and very unique costume, taking a risk and waiting until closer to Halloween can save serious cash.

dsc_8432My beauty look for this costume was the most fun. I used a smash box contour set then realized it wasn’t dramatic enough. I used a black Dior eyeshadow and loaded up my contouring brush to get this sculpted look. Morticia favors red lips and has a beauty mark like I do so that part wasn’t too tricky. I already have a widow’s peak but it’s not nearly as defined so I used my eyebrow brush and powder do give myself a sharp one. dsc_8399Saturday night was my big night out. For whatever reason we didn’t leave until nearly 1am…yes VERY late. Me and my group of friends went to the village at one of my favourite bars in the city. Down the Hatch and we danced until it was time to call a cab and pile into the $1 pizza spot under my building. It was the first time I ever had to wait to get a slice. Normally you’re in and out as quickly as you hand your cash over but everyone seemed to have pizza on the brain.

14702344_10210853469557294_1431434172203150691_nHere we are before going out on Saturday night. <3 Bren made such a handsome Gomez! <3

I hope you have a safe a spooky Halloween!!




DRESS: Ricky’s NY
WIG: Ricky’s NY
SHOES: Christian Louboutin
CORSET: Orchard Corset

CONTOUR: Dior eye pallate
EYELINER: Sephora Collection


  1. Edwige November 2, 2016 / 6:28 pm

    Oh wow! You look so STUNNING in this. I think it’s so fabulous you can get away with this look anytime of the year. Lol Your make up is on point too! Just beautiful

    Edwige | http://www.hypnozgam.com

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