Is it Worth the Hype?

Normally, during the summer, I pick out a high waisted bikini or something all black. For this summer however, I chose something out of my comfort zone entirely. I had seen lots of posts on the Triangl bikini and thought it was very interesting. I kept seeing similar designs everywhere, from Target, to VS. I finally decided to order one and see what all the hype was about.

Is this brand worth the hype?

Here’s what I found when I got my bikini in the mail:

1. Everything does fit true to it’s sizing chart. Mine fit perfectly.

2. The colors are just as vivid as they are when you see them online.

3. The material is similar to that of a scuba suit and extremely comfortable and durable. Will not get “clingy” like some other suits do.

4. The way the bikini top fastens is by a buckle. It snaps on similar to a seat beat buckle and I think it’s extremely ingenious. Its virtually impossible to get it off without wanting to. 

5. It dries very very quickly.

I honestly didn’t have any cons for this. From a design standpoint it really is a good bathing suit. On a functional level, it’s far from the norm and the buckle on the back really sold it for me. If you need to buy one more bikini this summer, let it be this one. 

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