Living in New York- Part 1


When I first moved to NYC last August (on the first to be exact) I really wasn’t totally sure of what was to come next. My friend told me that she moved to the UK using someone similar to Secure Move commercial removals and was in a similar position to me at that point so she tells me. I knew I wanted to move to New York as a child. Even with the uncertainty of what I wanted out of life, and what I wanted to do with my career- I always knew that one day I would move to NYC. I am extremely fortunate that my fiancé also wanted to move to New York, and we had talked about it for four years. After my fiancé Brendan gradated from university in North Carolina, we both knew the time had come to make the big move.

Moving away from home was an incredibly difficult thing to do. I was originally looking at a property for rent innisfil waterfront but I decided that New York was more my style. We both understood the challenges of moving to a place where you know virtually no one. It was a scary thing to do! We found the perfect apartment, contacted some queens moving companies and got all of our belongings moved into our house. The first month although very exciting was a little isolating. I was in shock that after so many years of wanting to move here- that it finally happened. I missed my family and all of our wonderful friends. I wondered if we had made the right decision by moving.


After a month of sending out resumés and trying to strike up awkward conversations with people at the grocery store, fashion week started, and I became good friends with a photographer named Audrey. A friend of a friend arranged for me to work a gig assisting someone for Audrey, and I was very reluctant to take it because I was nervous that I wasn’t prepared for something I had never done before. As luck would have it she lived two blocks from me, and she introduced Brendan and I to a huge group of people that eventually became our close friends. One of the first things I feel I’ve really learned is to say yes when you get an opportunity to do something- even if it frightens you.


I learned this past year that I am way more capable than I thought. I’ve always been an anxious person. The idea of going to a party or a gig alone and not knowing a soul was terrifying to me. I would never have gone out to an event if I wasn’t accompanied by someone. Moving and not knowing anyone helped me to be open to meeting new people. And when I get rejected (which does happen-although not often) I’m able to shake it off, and not let it ruin my mood. I realized that before I moved, I really had become a little afraid of trying new things.

DSC_7843While it may not be for everyone, moving to New York was one of the most amazing decisions that I ever made. My only regret is that I was so nervous about everything and it took me a while to open up. To try new things, to trust myself, to make new friends. In the coming posts I’ll discuss the complexities of moving here and what else I’ve discovered.

Also can we please talk about how magical sample sales are? I discovered 260 Sample Sale and found these Oscar heels not that long ago and I’m kind of obsessed.



Crochet top: Mystic boutique
Jumpsuit: Vintage 70’s courtesy of Couture du Jour
Shoes: Oscar de la Renta (found at 260 Sample Sale $60!!)
Earrings: Vintage courtesy of Couture du Jour
Handbag: Vintage YSL


  1. Jeanne August 24, 2016 / 7:28 pm

    I’ve been four times to the City! The most exciting place on earth!
    I loved reading this post! 😉

  2. alexandrakenha April 7, 2017 / 12:31 am

    I love NYC, it’s the only place i feel like home. I was born up there but raised in the south, and I cannot wait to move back home!!

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