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It’s the holiday season! The month of December is essentially my occasion Super Bowl. As many of you already know I am engaged, and my fiancĂ© Brendan is Jewish. That means we celebrate both Christmas and Hanukkah. On top of that December 20th is my dad’s birthday, and my mom’s birthday is the very next day on the 21st. Brendan’s birthday is the 28th!!! And of course New Year’s. SO with all that madness (and this great little holiday outfit)- I give you my top tips for the holiday season!




  1. Save 90% on wrapping paper and boxes by buying them all at a thrift store- I recently found brand new SpongeBob wrapping paper (still sealed) at Salvation Army for .80 cents!
  2. DIY! For my mom’s early birthday party we bought two cakes and stacked them ourselves instead of paying for a “tiered” cake- it looked exactly the same but cost $30 less! If you want to have a Christmas or Hanukkah themed cake, buy little figurines from the Dollar Store and and them to a plain cake and save yourself a chunk of change.
  3. Hit up discount stores like Jack’s in NY for brand new items for gifts, and holiday decor! I bought a brand new light up Menorah for $10!
  4. If you are in an interfaith family or relationship- celebrate with them! It might be different but that doesn’t make it bad. Even though I’m not Jewish I really enjoy lighting the Menorah with Bren and eating the gelt. <3
  5. Look through groupon for great pricing on holiday cards.



FUR: Vintage
SHIRT: Vintage
SKIRT: Herve Leger
BOOTS: Chanel

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