My Engagement Story

I’m back from my trip from France! Getting to go to France with Bren was such a dream come true. We spent the whole week in Paris, and spent one whole day touring around the Palace of Versailles and it’s gardens. I have been wanting to take a trip to Paris for as long as I can remember. 

The garden was so beautiful and just when I thought that the day wasn’t going to get any better… Brendan asked me to marry him! Of course I said YES! 

Everyone and their cousin has been asking me how it happened. It’s actually a very funny story. 

I wanted lots of pictures of us together and Bren asked an older French couple to take photos of us.  

While the couple was taking photos of us, he asked me if I’d like a present. I of course said yes! He had recently bought me a pair of pearl earrings and he told me he would probably get me a necklace to match. In my mind I thought for sure that it was a necklace. I did not, for one moment believe he would propose to me.

Brendan got down on one knee in front of my favorite section of the garden. The flowers and view of the rest of the gardens was incredible. I was in so much shock, I kept saying “is this real life” and “omg what is happening”. 

Meanwhile, the married French woman realized what was happening and began to cheer and scream “regardez” (which means “look” in French) to her husband who was clearly very tired of touring the gardens and seemed half asleep. Suddenly the older couple that was previously moving around a little slowly became photographers and started moving swiftly all around us getting photos of what was happening. I was still so surprised I didn’t move! Brendan said I had a huge smile plastered on my face. The French woman came over to me and shook my arm and kept saying “regardez!” to look at Bren and the ring. 

After about twenty seconds of complete shock. I finally screamed YES at Bren. The French couple gave us hugs and wished us well and said congratulations over and over again. As they were walking away we could hear the wife shouting excitedly “I can’t believe that happened! How beautiful!! I still can’t believe it!”

Afterwards we went to celebrate by having cheese, wine, and pastries at Angelina inside the Palace! 

Here is another part of the garden that I could see from where Brendan proposed. 

And here is one of the entrances to the gardens, the entrance really was astounding. Everything around the palace had a gold lacquer on it.

It was the most magical day. I have never in my life been so genuinely surprised! I can’t wait to be Mrs. Bakst! 

Look back soon so I can show you just how wonderful the inside of the palace and the rest of our trip too!



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