My WEDDING Dress Experience !


For many years now, the wedding dress has always been in my mind- the dress. It’s the dress you hope your grandchildren admire in tastestfully framed photos lining your mantle. It’s an embodiment of love, and a symbol of utter joy to most. Whether you buy one from somewhere like Winnie Couture Bridal, or you rent one out for the day, you’re wedding dress is very special. Tossing in these very iconic ideologies on bridal gowns, AND someone who works with couture fashion everyday and you have a recipe for a lot of fittings.

My experience has been nothing but overwhelming on the hunt for my dream dress. I went to the well known names in Manhattan, and I went to small boutiques. Touching hundreds of wedding gowns. Some already loved, and some soon to be chosen and loved.

I also found it difficult to pick because of all the pressure from so many friends I have. Everyone had their own opinion of what I should be wearing. Not that it is necessarily a bad thing. But it can be hard to hear your own voice when you are choosing something so sentimental. I’ve had a vision of what I have wanted for a long time. Ever since I could imagine myself as a soon to be wife.

My advice for brides is to not feel pressured to buy anything if you don’t absolutely love it. I know that sounds silly, and super obvious. I felt pressured to buy a dress in so many situations, but I didn’t love any of them. When I finally did say yes to the dress, I wasn’t pressured, and it was a very comfortable experience. I knew I was walking away with relief and not guilt.

In all, I found that the designer, the fabrics, and the amount of lace have nothing to do with how special a dress can be. (Although those are all extremely awesome things that I haven’t abandoned). I have seem so many brides say “yes” to a dress I would never consider. But the look on their faces made any dress they had on entirely enviable. It wasn’t just the most beautiful dress in the room when a bride says yes, but she is the most beautiful person at that moment. That type of happiness can be surfaced with a purchase of a dress, and that’s what makes bridal shopping so incredible. A bride doesn’t feel special just because of her dress, she feels special because she knows she’s finally getting married to the love of her life in that dress. I can’t imagine a more romantic or perfect moment. There’s something magical that happens when you finally find the one. I definitely feel that mine was for me the moment I tried it on.

I’m head over heels for my wedding dress, but more excited for what will happen the day I get to put it on.

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  1. Marta August 28, 2016 / 6:58 pm

    This post made me so happy! I love weddings and wedding dresses, and in fact it must be seriously stressful to pick one, considering everyone’s opinion and your own. Wish you all the best, I hope you have the most amazing wedding! 🙂
    xxLA VEINE

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