Happy February everyone! It’s the month of love- and if you’re single- the month of treatin’ yo self. I did a little piece for W42nd magazine on ten tips for planning your perfect wedding! My favourite tip is the last one.

10.) Realize there’s no such thing as a perfect wedding. As long as you’re getting married to the one you love, you can’t go wrong! <3

be sure to read the entire thing- in print or online at w42nd.com!

xx Belle

Photo Credits:
Photographer (bridesmaid, and resident cutest person): Audrey Froggatt
Photography assistant (bridesmaid, and resident badass): Christine Buzan
Hair and MUA: Johannah Beth
Stylist: Belle Sansone
Gown: Christian Siriano

I love you Brendan! 4 more months.

Funny enough while I was on my way to the spa, I found a page in my “Hello NY” book about Korean Spas.

Moving to New York City is a giant adventure, every day presents you with information you never ever knew about. Until I moved to the city, I had never heard of a Korean Spa. It’s one of the most magical experiences I have ever had in my life. If you’re like me, the idea of being completely completely nude- yes even your bikini bottoms- is terrifying. Wearing an oversized uniform with hundreds of other families and people sounds awful too. Except it’s not… View Full Post

Christmas is such a great time of year because of how much colour is involved. Anyone that knows me knows I can’t seem to live without red lipstick, and my go to nail varnish (Malaga Wine by OPI). Getting to wear red out and feel festive makes it doubly fun! I wore this holiday look to Christmas eve mass last night… View Full Post

I know it sounds incredibly biased but I really really have the best mom in the world. My mother is the sweetest, most generous, and all around best person in my life. This year for her birthday (a little early) I was able to help be a part of a surprise party her best friend Tara threw her! I snuck into town on December 13th.. View Full Post


It’s the holiday season! The month of December is essentially my occasion Super Bowl. As many of you already know I am engaged, and my fiancĂ© Brendan is Jewish. That means we celebrate both Christmas and Hanukkah. On top of that December 20th is my dad’s birthday, and my mom’s birthday is the very next day on the 21st. Brendan’s birthday is the 28th!!! And of course New Year’s. SO with all that madness (and this great little holiday outfit)- I give you my top tips for the holiday season! View Full Post