I know it sounds incredibly biased but I really really have the best mom in the world. My mother is the sweetest, most generous, and all around best person in my life. This year for her birthday (a little early) I was able to help be a part of a surprise party her best friend Tara threw her! It was quite cold so it was held indoors but then Tara used an Albuquerque tent rentals service to put a party tent in the backyard. It was quite nice being able to go in and out with ease. It got a little warm at times with so many people so having the backyard space was a good place to cool off. Tara did such a fantastic job of organizing everything for this extra special event. She even went to the trouble of contacting a chemical toilet hire company to supply some portable toilets. Over 100 people were expected to turn up so hiring extra toilets was essential! I thought this was such a good idea as it meant that nobody had to go through the house to use the bathroom. There is so much to think about when organizing a party but Tara really did think of everything! View Full Post


It’s the holiday season! The month of December is essentially my occasion Super Bowl. As many of you already know I am engaged, and my fiancĂ© Brendan is Jewish. That means we celebrate both Christmas and Hanukkah. On top of that December 20th is my dad’s birthday, and my mom’s birthday is the very next day on the 21st. Brendan’s birthday is the 28th!!! And of course New Year’s. SO with all that madness (and this great little holiday outfit)- I give you my top tips for the holiday season! View Full Post


Today I went with my sample sale expert Michelle to the Alice & Olivia 260 sample sale.. this one was the most insane out of any I have been to so far in my life. If you haven’t already- join the 260 sample sale email listing. Things were flying left and right off of the racks. However today I left with something I have been looking for, for several months and just couldn’t seem to find…an angel tree topper! I have always preferred an angel to a star (just a religious and personal preference) and I was so completely in awe that they had one.

All of my friends have told me I look just like her!

Stacey Tree Topper with a “melodic swirl”. All over the cute little white gown there are music notes and the words “the earth has music for those that listen”. <3

MSRP: $100
Sample sale: $39


Hello friends! I’m back after a small hiatus, and addiction to the new series on Netflix – The Crown. As I am sure you have gathered by now I am a huge Netflix fan! I love watching all the latest shows and movies and then chatting to my friends about what we all thought. In fact, I have friends from all over the world who like to watch Netflix. You can watch Netflix on your TV too, provided it’s a modern one; this isn’t usually the case for things like cable TV, which you can read more about at this source here. Granted, sometimes it is not always easy for them to watch the same shows as me because streaming services like Netflix tend to use geographical restrictions. That being said, my friends are quite tech-savvy and they have realized that using a VPN sometimes allows you to bypass these restrictions. For more information about VPNs and to read some reviews of IPvanish VPN, which is one of the most popular VPN services out there, head to makeawebsitehub.com.

Anyway, now that the holidays are dawning closer each day, it’s time to get stuck back into blogging and, of course, shopping! New York City is renowned for its street style, flea markets..and yes, sample sale madness. During New York Fashion Week this year one of my best friends Christine and I went to the Nautica Style magazine event and met fashion blogger, supermom, and all-around wonderful Michelle at the Nautica Style magazine event.

If this sounds like something you would like to be a part of one day, posting good content regularly on your blog and your social platforms could help you reach a larger audience and potentially be given various opportunities to help get you into the fashion industry. Even if you are yet to start a blog, it is never too late. You may be a whiz at coding, which means that creating a website instead of a blog could also be an option for you. It might be beneficial to check out sites like Site Beginner, in order to potentially upgrade your equipment to help with your future blogging journey.

With this being said, it is all about consistency and determination. Even if you choose to get free followers on insta, that may help but it is all about how you engage with your audience.

I’ve always been the type of girl to get lucky walking down the street and happen upon a sample sale, but after meeting Le Hoarder, I’ve discovered this is an art. Michelle and I hit a few sample sales together this past week and my favorite thus far was Balenciaga. After a year of living in the city (and making smart friends) I’ve compiled a concise list for newbie sample sailors! View Full Post


Halloween has always been one of my favourite holidays as far back as I can remember. Every single year without fail I have dressed up. Although my trick or treating days are gone (someone let me borrow your adorable kids) I still enjoy going out in a costume, eating too much candy, and pumpkin anything.

When it comes to picking a costume, there are too many television divas to impersonate. Lizzie McGuire, for one has been a heartthrob for teens and adults alike. This year, however, for Halloween I decided to go as Morticia Addams… View Full Post