Living in New York, I often make the joke that anyone that lives here needs therapy. The constant bustle (that I love), competition, life, and general anxieties- they all add up! Anxiety tends to be heightened here just like everything else, and I guess with being one of the most famous cities in the world there comes a pressure to live up to how you should be making the most of it when living here. I often turn to CBD to help calm me down when I’m feeling particularly stressed out by it all. I use high quality products so I don’t have to worry about any risks; I just enjoy the peace of mind it gives me every once in a while. This has got me thinking about the self care tips that I use all the time and throwing a next level bath might just be the self care you need to try. View Full Post

Today was marvelous. @ameliesfrenchbakery @ameliespetite #food #yummy #tea #paris #café #parisian #chic #macaron #lavender #ladylike #fun #saturday #teatime #drink

Check out these beautiful Nina shoes I dug up yesterday. I usually don’t like pointed toe, but these scream chic. Oh did I mention they have a toe tap? 😉