Christmas is such a great time of year because of how much colour is involved. Anyone that knows me knows I can’t seem to live without red lipstick, and my go to nail varnish (Malaga Wine by OPI). Getting to wear red out and feel festive makes it doubly fun! I wore this holiday look to Christmas eve mass last night… View Full Post

Was feeling glam Saturday. Trying a more ladylike style on for size.

I’m wearing a vintage blazer (baby blue) metal beading, designer unknown. Vintage earrings, designer also unknown. (And of course my makeup is Chanel).

This photo was taken in my book nook in my apartment. πŸ™‚ what do you think?

It’s snowing here in Jersey.. and we’re supposed to get over a foot! I definitely will be tromping around tomorrow like this kitten. πŸ˜‰

I love snow! <3

I really like my topknot today. So here’s a photo of my face. ❀️ (and hair)

Off to Barnes and Noble for coffee and comfort. ✌️

Oops! I had another Chanel mini binge! πŸ˜‰