I hit Goodwill today!
And I goofed around just a little bit. I was headed to an antique mall and saw a goodwill and proceeded to spend three hours there. Oops!!

Today I wore my favourite red hats, giant men’s cashmere, leggings and Aldo rain boots from circa 2008! Oh I wore my “go topless” Wildfox Couture sweater. Love it.

I found this beautiful vintage blazer with velvet and beading! It’s a little big at a size 8 but it was so beautiful I had to have it. I know I can take it to a tailor and have it adjusted in all the right spots.

One thing I’ve learned about thrifting is if you love something and you’re not sure if you want to buy it, grab it. Because if someone else grabs it, and leaves with it, you might regret it! Many a one-of-a-kind items I wasn’t sure of left with someone else!

It’s been a while since I posted some work related photos, here I am at my apprenticeship, squinting and holding a cashmere from 1950. <3

Being an apprentice at a vintage boutique has definitely taught me a lot about fashion. I have learned that just because something is old and a little dusty doesn’t mean it has lost it’s magic. 

More to come. 



My favourite perfume! I actually have like five bottles of this at home. I can’t get enough! I like it because it’s very girly and light. It smells the way a pretty, young girl should smell. Cute and a little sexy. 

Got some much needed R&R with my Bren this weekend! Isn’t be handsome in his dark navy suit? He had one a great 1950’s tie but decided to take it off.

What did you do this weekend?