The moment when you stop letting others opinions and fear dictate how you feel; that’s when you start living your best life. xx

This was yesterday at my mothers “Spanish Ladies Club”! They made a bunch of kites for a special project to bring attention to children who are often left behind after their parents are deported.

I liked this kite because I am both Mexican and American!

(Once again wearing my faux fur scarf, and cape, they have become my essentials this fall/winter!)

I’m also sans lipstick for the first time on a while.


A few months ago, I was finally able to splurge on some Chanel makeup… I will tell you, it’s worth the money. Here’s why:

  1. Beautiful makeup makes you feel beautiful. It’s impossible for me to feel ugly wearing Chanel anything.
  2. It lasts forever. I bought my pressed foundation powder in early late July and still have 85% of it. A little goes a long way with Chanel.
  3. It stays put all day long. When I mean all day, I mean you can go to work, go to dinner, get drinks at the club and come home looking the same. Even if I forget to take it off before hitting the gym, it still stays put.
  4. It’s durable. I drop things all the time, my makeup is not an exception. You know when you drop an eyeshadow pallet on the ground and it’s basically ruined? I dropped my rouge allure lipstick from my third level apartment all the way down to the first floor and the thing stayed completely intact. I’m convinced that their lipstick tubes are the small equivalent of a tank.
  5. It makes you feel “high fashion” without spending high fashion money. Right now I can’t afford “tweed pleated dress embellished with braided trim and buttons”, but I can buy the new fall shade of lippy for $34. Or maybe you’ll wear it just because it’s Chanel. And that is a perfectly acceptable response as well!

What’s your favourite brand of makeup? Mine is definitely Chanel, but second place belongs to M.A.C!

Here’s the tweed dress in case you missed it from Chanel’s Ready-to-wear Fall-Winter 2013/2014 campaign!

C’est Magnifique <3