Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! I actually celebrated last night with Bren. We went out to Raclette – you know that video where a wheel of cheese is melted onto a plate of food? Yes that place! It was MAGICAL. I came home to a lot of flowers and a little treat from my favourite lingerie shop (La Petite Coquet) that makes me feel like I could happily show all on Nu Bay… Or not but you get the point. What were your plans for V- day? OR, if you’re not currently taken, singles awareness day!

Either way I hope you spread lots of love or get cozy with a cashmere sweater today. <3 with love, Belle

Christmas is such a great time of year because of how much colour is involved. Anyone that knows me knows I can’t seem to live without red lipstick, and my go to nail varnish (Malaga Wine by OPI). Getting to wear red out and feel festive makes it doubly fun! I wore this holiday look to Christmas eve mass last night… View Full Post


Hello everyone! Happy Easter! Easter Sunday is one of the most fashionable dates out of the year because women all over the country are dawning their favourite spring church outfits. Finding the right thing to wear can be quite daunting and for me, it can be especially tricky!  View Full Post

Went to a vintage Barbie “birthday” party tonight. How cool is this cake?! Barbie really is the best looking 55 year old out there. 😉

This beautiful cake was made by Rozebud’s Cakes!

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I have been learning so so much these past few weeks! I became an apprentice at a Vintage Boutique! Krystyna’s Treasures! I have a great teacher and I’m finally able to distinguish pieces from different decades. I found a good handful of designer ties and have been holding onto them until Christmas for some of my favourite guys. The ones pictured are not vintage but they are Dior and that’s pretty awesome (at least I think so)!

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