I’ve been thinking very seriously about the future of V&C lately.

Why should you care about what I have to say? On Fashion, beauty or any of it?

Because I’m a real girl breaking into the industry without the formal fashion background. I work in fashion but I still eat Taco Bell and wear sweatpants.

I realize that my blog and writing about fashion has taken a back seat and I’ve been feeling the need to sugar coat things. So, I’ve decided no longer! I will be honest with myself and everyone else.

Because if fashion wasn’t fun, why would anyone care?



It’s been a while since I posted some work related photos, here I am at my apprenticeship, squinting and holding a cashmere from 1950. <3

Being an apprentice at a vintage boutique has definitely taught me a lot about fashion. I have learned that just because something is old and a little dusty doesn’t mean it has lost it’s magic.

This is valuable information to me and it’s something that I will make sure to use when (not if) I start my own business, as I know that there is a lot of stuff that comes with starting up your own company.

It’s a big dream of mine. But since this is something I’m passionate about, I don’t think it will be a big problem.

I would need to make sure that I create a good business plan that involves everything I need to be a successful owner. Like where my store is going to be located, for example, as I obviously want it somewhere that is busy so it increases the opportunity of having more customers and sales.

Of course, there are still other things that I would need to learn more about, like how to handle the payroll of my employees. A payroll company that has good software would probably be my best bet at being able to do this efficiently so that all of their finances and other aspects are being taken care of professionally.

It is too far into the future to be thinking about this though, and if it never happens, it was a good dream to have, and doing an apprenticeship is still something that I’m finding enjoyable at the moment and that is all that matters for now.

More to come.



I’m going to start saying this in response to someone who is rude to me. 😉

Bren and me three years ago. This is my favourite photo of us. <3

Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.