Relaxing at the mall with my espresso con panna! I did some damage at a Goodwill store today. Will update later on today!

If you’ve never ordered a single shot of espresso with whip, you are seriously missing out! It’s delicious!

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I’m so tired I wish today would come back tomorrow.

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New Arturo Chiang riding boots.

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Feeling awesome about my progress! I’ve been hitting the gym really hard lately and it’s finally paying off.

I have one word for all you ladies who can’t seem to get to the gym.

Blogilates!! It’s a YouTube series if workouts that saves you time (and if you don’t have a gym membership, money).

Oh and weight lifting. 😉 it’s not just for dudes.

Do you have any great workout tips or YouTube videos you watch? Let me know!

If I can do it anyone can. I was 50lbs overweight this time last year!

I realized. What’s the point having a ton of beautiful clothes if I didn’t feel beautiful in them?

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My mom put mayonnaise in my hair yesterday to make it softer and shiner.

Verdict: gross. Don’t do it. It does make hair look better but is not worth the suffering.

I’ve been trying to ESCAPE fat, not put it deep into my scalp.

Basically: if my hair gets super desperate again I might do it. BUT I risk being very very smelly for a solid hour.

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