Going to a spa, or a luxury hotel sounds so ideal right about now.. 

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Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.

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lets do shit

if you reblog this you will get a lil cartoon character based off your blog

im bored as heckie so keep your submit open they’ll be in real soon

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Good morning! I had four hours of sleep. Might need a few extra cups of espresso today! ☕️☕️☕️✌️

Someone was snoring all night because they have a cold, but it’s okay because it was a little cute.

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Let’s be honest about this. Everyone is thinking about their “resolutions” for 2014, but I’m noticing that everyone is worried about one thing.

Being “skinny" 

Maybe that comes with being obsessed with fashion, being equally obsessed with bodies.  BUT, I believe in loving your body. In 2013 I heard a lot of body shamming, girls body shamming other girls, girls body shamming themselves, and boys too. I think as a group of people, we can change that attitude. Fashion doesn’t have to be about being skinny. It can, however be about the glow. Being beautiful. No. FEELING beautiful. I, myself did the same thing this past year, poking at my own weight, thinking all the time "if I was only ____ lbs lighter I would be beautiful” or “once I’m ___ lbs I’ll go buy cute clothes!”

Why wait to look cute? Enjoy the body you have today, look cute now! What are you waiting for, fashion is all around us! Let’s have fun with it today. Right. NOW. 



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