Fall has officially defended on us here in New York, New York. And while the anticipation of fall was rather large, it came rather shockingly fast. On the first day of autumn…a single leaf fell on the pavement in front of me, and immediately afterwards, I shivered.

It can be a little tricky dressing for fall here because the mornings and early afternoons can be freezing. Then, the late afternoons are sweltering. What are you to do? I like to keep a t-shirt or blouse on with short sleeves, or totally made of cotton, with a jacket that’s easy to remove. 

There’s a beautiful little story behind this clutch. I first saw this in an advertistment in Cosmopolitan. I knew that one day in the future I would move to Manhattan. I remember telling my mother about it and showing her the photo. We looked high and low for the clutch and then one day… as I was walking out of a store in the mall. I saw it. I pressed my face a little too eagerly against the glass in Kate Spade and about five seconds later it was in my hands. A gift from my mom, I treasure this piece particularly. It was one I acquired from my hometown and I realized how monumental it was that I actually moved and could wear this piece. I get asked about it very often.  

Outfit Details: 

Shirt: Vintage 70′s 

Pants: AG

Jacket: Zara leather 

Shoes: 60′s smoking slippers (resoled to wear out!)

Clutch: Kate Spade

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Went to a vintage Barbie “birthday” party tonight. How cool is this cake?! Barbie really is the best looking 55 year old out there. 😉

This beautiful cake was made by Rozebud’s Cakes!

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My room is finally coming together. Feeling very ladylike and polished.

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I have been dreaming of creating a perfect date night dress. I think I’m going to take a leap of faith and just go for it.

Attention to details ladies..

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Happy Sunday! Feeling a little French flair today. 🙂
What do you normally wear on Sunday? It’s my day off so I usually get creative!

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