Halloween has always been one of my favourite holidays as far back as I can remember. Every single year without fail I have dressed up. Although my trick or treating days are gone (someone let me borrow your adorable kids) I still enjoy going out in a costume, eating too much candy, and pumpkin anything.

When it comes to picking a costume, there are too many television divas to impersonate. Lizzie McGuire, for one has been a heartthrob for teens and adults alike. This year, however, for Halloween I decided to go as Morticia Addams… View Full Post

What should you wear to go out tonight? Well, first off, where are you going? Are you going out with friends or having dinner with your family?

Ask yourself before you even look in your closet the following things:

Am I going somewhere upscale (and fancy)?

Is this a casual gathering?

Will my grandmother be there? If so, should I really wear a bandage dress?

Outfit Details:

Dress: Urban Outfitters 

Belt: Burberry

Shoes: Christian Louboutin

Bag: Chanel

Spotted running around 34th street wearing faux fur and drinking a cappuccino (with soy). A very typical Belle sighting. ☕️?☕️?

Outfit Details:
Shirt: Zara
Jacket: Zara
Pants: Burberry
Shoes: Givenchy (60’s)
Bag: Givenchy

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Today’s pretty little details:
Christian Dior New Look 1947
A YSL red lip
Some arm candy

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I have been looking and looking for a vintage vanity for a long time now. I got lucky and found this guy at a cute little vintage furniture store in NY. I thought this project would be a huge undertaking but so far I’ve had major progress! 

The vanity is solid wood, and I’m not sure what kind. Many parts were faded from the sun, and had some varnish wear. So, I had it sanded down and painted! 


I decided to get a vanity because here in NYC bathrooms are very small. I am someone who needs their own space to apply makeup and that can take up a lot of space. Luckily I had a window with the perfect amount of lighting and area for a vanity. Here’s what it looks like now. Another really cool thing about this piece is that it’s on wheels! 


The molding on this piece is what makes it unique and I didn’t want it entirely covered up so I asked for the company I bought it from it paint it “shabby chic”. If you’re trying to explain the “weathered” and “distressed” look, some won’t understand what you meant, I found that everyone seems to understand “shabby chic”.


The hardware on this had completely rusted so I replaced all of it with these crystal pulls that I found from H&M home for $7 a pair! I had no idea that H&M even had a home section until about two weeks ago when I moved here! In case you want a pair yourself and you’re not in the NY area… http://www.hm.com/us/product/32318?article=32318-A 


Having your vanity face a window is crucial for makeup application! The natural light is so awesome for applying anything.


The fun part came after all the work was done! Getting to make it my own.


My favorite part of owning a vanity is getting to make it my own. On my personal vanity I have my most worn lipsticks, a vanity tray with pretty bottles of perfume, whatever purse I’m currently wearing, candles and flowers. 

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