Today is national lipstick day! I went for a classic red and white striped shirt, black high waisted pants and pigalle Louboutins.

Ever since I was allowed to wear makeup, I’ve worn lipstick. I feel now that I’m older, it’s a part of my identity. I always feel naked without it. My personal favorite is Chanel Rouge Allure in 104 but I have been favouring Tom Ford lippies all this month. Today I am wearing a Tory Burch lipstick (scoundrel in 05) and Tom Ford (black dahlia 10)

Some Pro Tips for applying lipstick!

1.) Exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate! It doesn’t matter how nice the lipstick is if your lips look dry and chapped. Generously apply lip balm and take a dry toothbrush and make circles over your lips. You’ll be moisturized and your lipstick will have an even surface.

2.) If you want your lipstick color to be more true to the tube color, pat foundation on your lips. It sounds weird but it works. Your lips naturally have color, wearing just a little foundation gives more of a colorless base so that the color can shine.

3.) If you’re wanting to have your lipstick wear all day, lip liner is important. If you don’t want to spend $ on a perfect match, try a nude, it works well with everything. Lip liner is important because it prevents the color from bleeding out and feathering. With this being said, with products like the Le Rouge Duo Ultra Tenue by Chanel applies smoothly, sets quickly and is built to last all day, so at least this would be one less thing to think about!

4.) Blot and repeat. Lipstick smears easily, this is a fact, if you’re going to dinner but still want to have a nice pout, blot your lipstick, reapply and blot once more, the color won’t budge even after dessert!

5.) Be confident. Lipstick is made to make you feel sexy, if you don’t feel good about a color don’t buy it! Only wear lipsticks that make you feel great.



Outfit Details:

Shirt: Zara

Pants: High waisted Black

Shoes: Christian Louboutin

Purse: Chanel Grand Shopping Tote

Last photo of my bangs. I love them! 💜💜💜 obsessed.

Here’s my somewhat concerned face while waiting for my foils to process. Whenever I can afford to get my hair done- colour, cut, shampoo, style. It feels like “hair Christmas”! I’m always anxious when I get my hair done because I’m nervous to see the end result but I think today it’s going to come out awesome!

Thank Jesus for Groupons. Highlights, cut, shampoo and style for $30. WHATSUP!

Apart from the really weird face I was making here, I seriously miss when my hair was this purple..thinking of bringing it back.

Old photo of me. I would still wear this. I am always into a good pair of tights, statement heels and right curls.

Vintage wool military jacket!

Do you like your outfits in photos past?