Hello friends! I’m back after a small hiatus, and addiction to the new series on Netflix – The Crown. As I am sure you have gathered by now I am a huge Netflix fan! I love watching all the latest shows and movies and then chatting to my friends about what we all thought. In fact, I have friends from all over the world who like to watch Netflix. You can watch Netflix on your TV too, provided it’s a modern one; this isn’t usually the case for things like cable TV, which you can read more about at this source here. Granted, sometimes it is not always easy for them to watch the same shows as me because streaming services like Netflix tend to use geographical restrictions. That being said, my friends are quite tech-savvy and they have realized that using a VPN sometimes allows you to bypass these restrictions. For more information about VPNs and to read some reviews of IPvanish VPN, which is one of the most popular VPN services out there, head to makeawebsitehub.com.

Anyway, now that the holidays are dawning closer each day, it’s time to get stuck back into blogging and, of course, shopping! New York City is renowned for its street style, flea markets..and yes, sample sale madness. During New York Fashion Week this year one of my best friends Christine and I went to the Nautica Style magazine event and met fashion blogger, supermom, and all-around wonderful Michelle at the Nautica Style magazine event.

If this sounds like something you would like to be a part of one day, posting good content regularly on your blog and your social platforms could help you reach a larger audience and potentially be given various opportunities to help get you into the fashion industry. Even if you are yet to start a blog, it is never too late. You may be a whiz at coding, which means that creating a website instead of a blog could also be an option for you. It might be beneficial to check out sites like Site Beginner, in order to potentially upgrade your equipment to help with your future blogging journey.

With this being said, it is all about consistency and determination. Even if you choose to get free followers on insta, that may help but it is all about how you engage with your audience.

I’ve always been the type of girl to get lucky walking down the street and happen upon a sample sale, but after meeting Le Hoarder, I’ve discovered this is an art. Michelle and I hit a few sample sales together this past week and my favorite thus far was Balenciaga. After a year of living in the city (and making smart friends) I’ve compiled a concise list for newbie sample sailors! View Full Post




About six months ago I started moving towards making plans to purchase my very own Catherine D’lish marabou gown. Cathrine D’lish is an extremely talented burlesque actress but also is a theatrical designer. Catherine also happens to be a costumer for the exquisite Dita Von Teese. According to wiki- Catherine was one of the 60 people that attended the wedding of Dita to Marilyn Manson. She creates some of the most incredible dressing gowns, nightgowns, costumes, and even mink bunny slippers. Who has ever heard of mink bunny slippers!? What a genius. When I first heard about her incredible marabou dressing gowns. I played with the idea of buying one but ultimately didn’t because I couldn’t “find a reason”. But true to my nature after a while of thinking about it, and seeing those hysterical memes– I ordered it. After ordering it, after about a month, every-time I got a notification that we received a package, I would sprint to see if the robe had finally come.


Of course I was a little overly eager and it took a few months to get to me seeing as though it was made to my measurements (you would think that of all people I would remember that). I really believe that if you want only for special occasions to buy something you really want or to wear something you love- you will watch it sit in your closet until the end of time. Fashion is meant to be fun. It’s meant to be worn. So while I’m all about protecting things that I find magical, I still wear them. It seems crazy to buy a feathered robe, but I really loved it! That’s enough reason to have one and run around making french toast in the morning with it on. Life is a special occasion.

If you love a piece of clothing- or in my case a piece of lingerie. Think of ways outside it’s traditional use that you could wear it, many a TubeV Sex actress would look mightily sexy in it, but just for the visual pleasure of her viewers. For example, I love wearing my marabou robe to wear as a swimsuit cover. It’s an incredibly playful way to wear it. I bought it in this double pink because pink is an easy color to dress up or down.

So while I might not own a marble house or be Dita or another famous lady, I can still feel pretty fucking glamorous out on the patio reading the paper.





Catherine D’lish Robe



Everyone needs a little more glamour in their lives- wouldn’t you agree?


ROBE: Catherine D’lish
SHOES: Manolo Blahnik
SWIM: La Perla


Spring is finally here and with it comes all the newness of a joyful season. Spring reminds me of many things, little yellow chicks, pastels, Easter, my birthday (April Fool’s day of course), and lots of sunshine. It’s always a fresh start, and what better way to celebrate a fresh start than to clean out your wardrobe? It’s always important to clean out your wardrobe in the spring, not only because it helps you to sort through the things that you don’t want anymore, but also because it provides the opportunity to check for clothes moths. If you find any, it’s time to wash everything you own! Clothes moths can get everywhere and will eat through your garments if left for too long, so wash everything that you can on the hottest wash possible, and then head to somewhere like https://www.pestcontrolexperts.com/local/hawaii/pukalani-maui/. Pest controllers will be able to eradicate any remaining moths in your home, getting rid of them once and for all.

Once the moths are gone, look for casualties. Some of your clothes may not have survived the moth attack, so you’re going to need to replace anything with holes in. You might want to look at getting a new wardrobe too that’s more moth-proof. If a friend of mine hadn’t recommended I checked out a site like antiquesworld.co.uk, I wouldn’t have found the beautiful wardrobe that I have now! It’s perfect timing as well. Spring is the best time to try out those new styles you’ve had your eye on all winter. Plus, knowing that sites like PromoCodeWatch.com exist and offers so many discounts, what better way to treat yourself than to a new wardrobe full of clothes? You can never have enough clothes in all fairness. View Full Post

It’s a beautiful day in Manhattan and today I went out and did what most New Yorkers do on Sunday afternoon. I went to brunch. While I know this is a topic I’ve already discussed in some detail I have a few new things to add.

Going to brunch is an occasion (life is an occasion isn’t it?) and that means it’s time to get dressed up. Pick comfortable clothing that you won’t feel embarrassed to be seen in. I tend to run into someone the minute I’m not put together. 

Another way you can tie a look together is tossing on a hat. It’s one of my favourite ways to get dressed up fast. 

*Brunch tip- when you finally pick a place to go to brunch, pay attention to what everyone else is ordering. If you see a common plate that most people are getting, order it too! It’s popular for a reason.

Outfit Details: 

Shirt: Helmut Lang

Pants: AG

Cardigan: Vintage wool

Shoes: Chanel 

Purse: Givenchy

Hat: Chanel

The moment when you stop letting others opinions and fear dictate how you feel; that’s when you start living your best life. xx

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