Raining in NYC

Rainy days in NYC in general can be seem to be a nausance for many different ways. It’s most commonly found to be an inconvenience due to the damage it can do to homes, such as flooding or rotting of roofs and foundations due to unclean gutters (which is actually easily rectified with Clean Pro Gutter Cleaning Seattle). However, I think the sound of quiet rain and the slowing down makes for the most romantic day ever. I don’t mean romantic as in the novel worthy Fabio sense, but romantic as in how overwhelmingly beautiful the world can be- if you just take a few moments to appreciate it. Today I’ve got some good tips on looking great in the rain with a little help from my friends at Brag Vintage. View Full Post

Last photo of my bangs. I love them! 💜💜💜 obsessed.

Guys have you tried using the “Spring” for hair removal??? I know it sounds weird but it’s actually one of the best (AND CHEAPEST) things I have ever bought for my beauty routine! Look it up on amazon. 😉