The little black dress is an item of clothing on almost every “must have” list. There are probably millions of these dresses out there. How do you make a dress like that unique? 

Big bold pops of colour! When you are wearing a black outfit-which we all know is very sexy and slimming. It can be fun to add more color. I’m the type of person to always wear a bright lipstick. If you’re weary about adding bright colors to your outfit, start small and try a bright lip with a black dress. 

A few people have also asked me recently how they can make a pretty vintage dress feel modern. My suggestion is to mix modern and vintage pieces like I did here. Classic pieces like this little black dress are classics and they don’t go out of fashion (thank goodness) so you can feel safe picking out a vintage dress with a fitted waist and great structure.

Outfit Details:
Dress: Vintage 60′s

Scarf: Hermès 

Sunglasses: Dior 

Shoes: Vintage 50′s 

Earrings: Aldo Accessories

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Last photo of my bangs. I love them! ??? obsessed.

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I’ve been thinking very seriously about the future of V&C lately.

Why should you care about what I have to say? On Fashion, beauty or any of it?

Because I’m a real girl breaking into the industry without the formal fashion background. I work in fashion but I still eat Taco Bell and wear sweatpants.

I realize that my blog and writing about fashion has taken a back seat and I’ve been feeling the need to sugar coat things. So, I’ve decided no longer! I will be honest with myself and everyone else.

Because if fashion wasn’t fun, why would anyone care?



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My hair will be this colour purple again very soon! Can’t wait! 


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Just one more photo from the H&M opening!

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