Somehow I ended up wearing all black again today. It’s a running gag in the fashion world (mostly magazines) that New Yorkers tend to wear all black outfits like nobody’s business. I personally don’t wear all black, solely because I love color so much! Today I went with Bren to sign our apartment lease. A very big deal for me, as it will be the first NYC apartment I move to. 

However, black is so slimming and it’s a color that looks fabulous on everyone. 

I knew I would be meeting with our broker and probably other realtors in a professional setting. It’s not necessary to dress up for a lease signing (if you haven’t) but I find that making a good impression every step along the way makes things easier. If a landlord or company is on the fence about whether or not to approve your application, dressing up could be the winning move. It went super well and I’m thrilled to say we should be moving at the beginning of August!

Today was also the first day I got a chance to my new Chanel grand shopping tote that I recently bought. Chanel discontinued the GST, but I loved the bag and have been looking for one for some time now. Luckily, I recently sold a lot of my vintage pieces and was able to purchase this one! It’s not vintage but it’s also not new. I’m not entirely sure how old this bag is, but I’m working on it.

I love these vintage confetti lucite earrings because they seem to go with everything and the glitter reminds me of when I was little and put glitter on everything. This week I have a pink ombre manicure, I’m a little late on the ombre bandwagon but I love it!

Every so often I get struck with wanting all white clothing. It’s a very rare occurrence but when it does happen, it seems like I go all out. Today was a very low kew day, I went to the bookstore and coffee shop. Very relaxing through and through. Many of you have asked me what I wear on my “day off”. This is a key example. I can be a t-shirt and jeans kind of girl, but I do it just a little differently. 

Outfit Details: 

Shirt: Helmut Lang

Pants: Hudson

Shoes: Rosina Ferraggamo 

Purse: Chanel classic double flap

Sunglasses: DIor

Earrings: Forever 21

What do you wear on your day off?