Raining in NYC

Rainy days in NYC in general can be seem to be a nausance for many different ways. It’s most commonly found to be an inconvenience due to the damage it can do to homes, such as flooding or rotting of roofs and foundations due to unclean gutters (which is actually easily rectified with Clean Pro Gutter Cleaning Seattle). However, I think the sound of quiet rain and the slowing down makes for the most romantic day ever. I don’t mean romantic as in the novel worthy Fabio sense, but romantic as in how overwhelmingly beautiful the world can be- if you just take a few moments to appreciate it. Today I’ve got some good tips on looking great in the rain with a little help from my friends at Brag Vintage. View Full Post

Today was the hottest day I’ve spent in NYC to date. Not normally a girl to wear anything very short, I soon changed my tune when I felt how muggy it was.

Pro Tip: if you are like me, a little self conscious whilst wearing anything teeny tiny, wear biker shorts. no, not the padded ones silly! If the breeze finally decides to show up and your skirt picks up, jokes on everyone else because you’ll have on some sort of under armor skin short. 

One of my favorite things in the world is mixing high fashion with vintage pieces. I would never say I do this to avoid looking “dated”, because a huge chunk of my clothing is over 40 years old. The Dior fusion sneaker is a shoe that I’ve been thinking of for some time now and when I paired it with this vintage 60′s dress, it was like a dream from heaven. The pink from both matched! Some people might tell you not to get too matchy-matchy. I, on the other hand, love it. There is something deeply satisfying to me when I buy something and the color matches perfectly to something else I own. It’s almost like meeting a clothing soulmate, and you were always meant to be a “match”.

Fanning myself because I feel like I’m melting. It’s hard to be so “glamourous” when it’s 95 degrees.

Outift Details:

Dress: L Train Vintage pink 60′s dress.

Shoes: Black Mary Janes Prada/ Sneakers Dior Fusion

Sunglasses: DIor

Purse: Chanel Grand Shopping Tote

Earrings: Vintage 60′s 

Do you like mixing vintage fashion with high fashion?

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Today I felt like dressing up just a tad. I recently found these brown Manolo’s on Ebay and fell in love. It’s funny because I really don’t like the color brown. I usually don’t wear it, even for shoes. However, I love the kitten heel and it was the perfect fit for my breezy outfit today. 

Mixing vintage and modern clothing can sometimes be a challenge but it’s fun to try different combinations. If you’re worried about looking too dated, don’t! Fashion is all about taking risks, and if you feel like wearing a full circle skirt with bicycles all over it (like I did), by all means try it! You never know when you’ll find your favorite outfit combinations!

Outfit Details: 

Sunhat: Century 21

Shirt: 90′s Rampage

Skirt: 50′s Mayfair 

Shoes: vintage Manolo Blahnik 

Purse: Chanel classic flap bag 

Sunglasses: Dior

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Old photo of me. I would still wear this. I am always into a good pair of tights, statement heels and right curls.

Vintage wool military jacket!

Do you like your outfits in photos past?

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