For my bachelorette, I told my MOH (Maid of Honor) that all I wanted was sand. I wanted to be on the beach somewhere. We didn’t have to go to Miami, or the Bahamas, I just really wanted to hear the ocean. So me and four of my girls went to Tybee Island, Savannah Georgia. I would say so far it’s been one of the most memorable experiences of my wedding process thus far!

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This past Tuesday, I was finally able to experience something I have been wanting to do for several years now. I had diner at the Versace mansion. It even sounds dreamy to type. I always wondered if it would be like that one episode on the Kardashians (anyone remember this) and to my surprise, it was pretty similar. For a more elaborate tour I suggest you watch this. 🙂 View Full Post

My flight is at 6 am tomorrow morning! Which means I have to be up at 3am! Oh my. I am going to be so grateful for some SLEEP.

As some of you know, I’m moving to NYC next autumn and we (my darling Brendan) and myself looked at apartments. I’ve pretty much decided SoHo. <3 

I can’t wait. 

Bren and me three years ago. This is my favourite photo of us. <3

Going to a spa, or a luxury hotel sounds so ideal right about now..