Hello from Manhattan! It’s freezing here. LIKE HONESTLY FREEZING.

It’s 9 degrees, so it’s definitely not super comfortable. It didn’t stop me from shopping though! I can’t wait to show you all what I picked out while I was away on holiday! 

Layering earrings and ear cuffs is always extremely chic and a great way to play up any outfit easily. Believe it or not, Claire’s has some great ear cuffs! 

And hey, if you don’t have ear piercings at all (or don’t like them) you can always use clip-ons!

It’s snowing here in Jersey.. and we’re supposed to get over a foot! I definitely will be tromping around tomorrow like this kitten. 😉

I love snow! <3

Oops! I had another Chanel mini binge! 😉