The Veil

So how many hands exactly worked on my veil? Five. Five hands I love touched my veil. My mother’s, grandmothers, my good friend (and super talented designer) Maria, bridesmaid Christine, and bridesmaid Audrey. 

The veil itself is a hysterical story. I paced the garment district over eight months before my wedding in search of a good bridal fabric store. Really just hoping to get a reference for a veil shoppe or personal designer. I found a bridal fabric store in the garment district that only made veils and first communion dresses. Then, like a typical NY moment. I went home with every intention of going back a few days later. I lost the business card and could NOT for the life of me recall where the store was or what it was called. So two weeks before my wedding I roamed the garment district (practically inch by inch) until I found the store again. I was almost convinced I made the whole thing up in my mind. And just as I had the first time, I “bumped” into the veil shop on West 37th street. Immediately, I asked them if they could accommodate a rushed order (they could) and they had my 7 foot long tulle veil with fingertip blusher ready for pick up the following week. If you’re wondering where this magical place is, don’t be like me and search for eight months to find it. Here’s the link. 

My mother, Abuela (grandmother) and I all went in search of lace to apply to the ends of my veil a few days before my wedding. Living so close to the garment district this wasn’t a huge feat. It was my Abuela’s first time in NYC and she couldn’t believe how much there was to choose from. After about three hours of fabric shopping, we walked to Mood fabrics where we found the perfect Chantilly lace.

You’re probably wondering why there were five hands. All of the lace had to be trimmed by hand slowly with fabric scissors (and 2 yards doesn’t seem like a lot unless you’re working with tiny detailing!) the lace had to be selected out of the bunches that hand been cut, hand placed, pinned, and then hand stitched on. I think all together it took more than six hours.

My mom dancing to Selena while Maria applies lace. Yes those are bottles of red wine open in the background.

Yes, I could have easily bought a veil with lace applied to the end of it. But there was something really much more special about my family and friends hand placing the lace one by one for me. Not to mention that I couldn’t find the type of gauzy veil I wanted with just a small amount of lace that matched my dress pearly colour. Shortly after the veil was finished, we were all totally famished and I ordered Thai food for all of us. My mom had never really had Thai food before and my Abuela who has never had Thai before was completely mind blown. She said it even suprpassed her favourite food (Sesame chicken) LOL

It’s a special moment when the women you love in your life come together for your wedding and even greater joy to have them help you bring together a look you’ve only dreamt of. xo






  1. Jennifer Yates June 24, 2017 / 3:20 pm

    This is an amazing story. Everything about your wedding was simply perfection. ❤

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